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A true pampering spa experience.


rejuvenate, heal & detoxify skin

Japanese Korugi Detox Facial Treatment

Korugi massage is an artisanal Japanese Facial massage technique that tones, lift, tightens, and hydrates skin. It is a targeted facial muscle massage that promotes facial oxygen and blood circulation to awaken the facial muscles and visible lifting of cheekbones. It Improves face volume, Visible V-Lift, Restore skin muscle and volume and it improves luminosity

Duration: 90 mins | $199

Classic Refreshing Facial Therapy

Classic Refreshing Facial Therapy is masego signature face therapy designed to lift, brighten and boost skin hydration revealing healthy bright, glowing skin with a refreshed look and it Improved skin texture with a clearer skin

Duration: 60 mins | $108

Natural Gua Sha/Bojin Facial Therapy

Natural Gua sha is an oriental therapy that targets the meridian points of the face. Fine Quartz material tools alleviate facial tension, reduce puffiness and promote detoxification.

Duration: 90 mins | $199


enhance cell recovery & rejuvenation

Bust Care Therapy

Bust Care Therapy is an acupressure massage that improves blood circulation with the stimulation of the tissues surrounding the breast, resulting in a firmer, fuller, and lifted breast. *Female therapist only*

Duration: 30 Mins | $98

Signature Spa Series Body Massage

A body massage is a beautiful way to express caring and help relieve the stress of a loved one.

Duration: 60 Mins | 90 Mins , $88 | $108

Colon Care Therapy

Colon Care Therapy is a deep tissue abdominal massage that stimulates organ movements to relieve constipation, promote bowel movement and improve appetite.

Duration: 45 Mins | $188

Signature Spa Series Foot Massage

Working on the feet with pressures to promote relaxation and health. For those suffering from chronic pain in joints or limbs, this massage can serve as the best natural remedy. It involves manipulating the soft tissues of the pain zone, thereby treating the underlying causes of pain.

Duration: 60 Mins | 90 Mins, $72 | $98

5 Elements Back Body Therapy

5 Elements Back Body Therapy is a massage technique that unblocks Qi surrounding major meridian lines. A meridian brush is used to massage the back, relieving fatigue and providing deep relaxation for the body.

Duration: 60 Mins | $168

5 in 1 Therapy

30 | 60 Mins foot , 30 Mins head, shoulder, neck and back

Duration: 60 Mins | 90 Mins , $78 | $108

Ovarian Care Therapy

Ovarian Care Therapy is targeted to help females with their womb health, crucial for optimum ovarian endocrine function and fertility. It is highly recommended for females as it can help to ease menstruation pain by improving blood circulation around the uterus.

Duration: 50 Mins | $138


more pampering treatments

Navel Candling Purifying Treatment with Abdomen Detox Therapy

Abdomen Detox Therapy cleanses and detoxifies intestines by loosening waste, encouraging healthy bowel movements, and relieving constipation. It also supports relieving flatulence, endocrine disorders, and rejuvenation of gut health.

Duration: 40 Mins | $180

Mud Moxibustion Therapeutic Therapy

Mud moxibustion is a wellness therapeutic treatment that is traditionally formulated using traditional Chinese herbs to reduce chronic pain and soft tissue injuries. The heated blend of herbs contains high amounts of natural minerals that supports Relief of body pain, Cold and Flu Rheumatic pain Body tension (Shoulders, knees, back aches and joints)

Duration: 40 Mins | $128

Body Sculpting Massage (By Parts)

Body Sculpting Massage uses targeted massage techniques designed to sculpt, tone the body by going through deep soft strokes. Performed using a traditional bamboo stick, this massage will relieve muscular tension and rebalance energy levels.

Duration: 30 Mins | $68

Innovative G5 Body Slimming Therapy (By Parts)

Innovative G5 Body Slimming is a high-frequency vibration therapy that breaks down and softens stubborn fats across common body parts such as the back, shoulders, thighs, hips, buttocks, and stomach. Vibrate off unwanted fats and get back in shape with our innovative G5 treatment today.

Duration: 30 Mins | $68


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